Home Pelvic Routine for Men

A step by step pelvic floor training routine consisting of three videos and three downloadable ebooks.

Home Pelvic Routine for Men is suitable for Men of all ages with Bladder, Bowel and Erectile Dysfunction. If you suffer from any one or a combination of the following conditions: Urinary incontinence (Stress & Urge), Constipation, Difficulty emptying the Bowel, Faecal Incontinence, Flatus Incontinence, Bed Wetting, Sexual and Erectile Dysfunction and/or pre- and post-Prostate Cancer Surgery then this course can help you.

Home Pelvic Routine Tracker

Home Pelvic Routine for Men is a step by step course of pelvic floor muscle training providing an excellent solution in a clear & easy way, the order of the training is based on Aoife Ni Eochaidh’s 25 years of clinical practice successfully treating thousands of women with pelvic floor muscle problems. Using the Home Pelvic Routine Tracker will help you to remember to do the steps of the routine. It will also allow you to track your problems as you train, and you will be delighted to see improvements in your problems as the routine progresses.

Chartered Physiotherapist

Aoife Ni Eochaidh

Aoife is a multi award winning clinical expert in the field of Men and Women’s Health & Continence, she provides leadership and strategic vision through her clinical and consultancy work and also contributes to teaching and research. Aoife works in International Pelvic Physiotherapy Management as a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist (Men and Women’s Health & Continence). Aoife provides expert physiotherapy assessment and treatment for Men and Women with Incontinence (Bladder and Bowel), Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Obstructed Defecation, Pelvic Pain, Sexual Dysfunction and Osteoporosis.

Course Content

  1. 1
    • Home Pelvic Routine Training - Step 1 - PFX - Plus Home Pelvic Routine PDF Tracker

    • HPR for Men Step 1 - Week 1 (PFX)

  2. 2
    • Home Pelvic Routine Training - Step 2 - Bladder Retraining

    • HPR for Men Step 2 - Week 2 (Bladder Retraining)

  3. 3
    • Home Pelvic Routine Training - Step 3 - Bowel Retraining

    • HPR for Men Step 3 - Week 3 (Bowel Retraining)


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Save On Costs and Time

Peter Age 60, Dublin

I found the Home Pelvic Routine for men with Stress Urinary Incontinence so good! It’s great to be able to use technology such as the digital on-line Home Pelvic Routine, using my tablet or smart phone in privacy and comfort at home. This innovative e-health technology allowed me to save on costs and time on pelvic physiotherapy appointments in the clinic. I am not using as many pads now too, so I am so delighted with my results so far!

Aoife is so kind


Thanks Aoife for all your help and the kind way you do your job.

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